Aridan Books, Inc.

Aridan Books, Inc.

Featured products: Executive iPad Enclosure and the Space iPad Enclosure | Industry: Education | Client: Aridan Books, Inc.

The Customer

Aridan Books, Inc. is an innovative publishing company with a primary focus on childhood education and development through interactive applications. Their trademarked and patented Crayon Kiosk iPad stand allows for up to four children to sit and enjoy educational applications simultaneously. These education stations are being utilized at many libraries, Pre-K centers, and childhood waiting areas in dentists and doctors’ offices throughout America and Canada.

The Challenge

They needed a way to keep the iPads securely mounted onto the Crayon Station, yet attractively displayed in a way that prevented children from exiting out of the application. Most important was that it be durable and sturdy, and that it has a rotational feature from portrait to landscape. Also that the cables and wires not be visible or accessible to the kids. These brightly-colored stands are customizable to order, so they wanted the option of different iPad enclosures.

The Solution

Maclocks Executive iPad Enclosure and the Space Case are two enclosures that fit all the needs for the Crayon Kiosk. Both secure iPads 2/3/4/Air, and are made of high grade aluminum which makes them completely tamper resistant. The Executive enclosure easily mounts to any flat surface. It offers a 90 degree rotation in each direction, and is perfect for those who want the option of portrait and landscape. The iPad Space Enclosure can accommodate a cable lock or be mounted flush on the wall. The case can easily block the home, volume and power buttons while completely keeping the cables hidden.




Customer Feedback

“The Crayon Kiosk & Maclocks both see safety as an important issue for kids using an iPad. Maclocks durable and safe enclosures have allowed educators, librarians & business owners to sit back & relax while their iPads are enjoyed by thousands of tiny little hands.”


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