Compulocks launched world’s smallest laptoplock featuring xTrap



Compulocks, the designer and manufacturer of Computer locking solutions for over 25 years now, launches CL14T-XTrap Laptoplock / Desktop security slot lock. The striking feature of this line of PClocks is that it’s the smallest ever laptop or desktop lock of its kind. The lock is made of superior material to ensure ultimate security and safety to the system. The CL14T-Xtrap is an outcome of research by the CompuLocks Group, and all locks can be ordered to come as Key-Alike, Key-Different or Master-Key solution. 


Body of the release

Compulocks launched world’s smallest laptoplock/desktop security slot lock, CL14T-XTrap. The Founder and CEO of the CompuLocks Group, Gad Alexander said, “CL14T-XTrap laptoplock/desktop security slot lock comes with two unique features; The first, is being the world’s smallest laptoplock of its kind, the Second is the xTrap feature, which enables to secure even the peripherals such as mouse, keyboard and also the charger.


Elaborating further on the product the CEO said, “CL14T-XTrap is one-of-its-kind laptoplock /desktop security slot with its ultra small head and light construction design is barely visible to a stranger and the high-quality steel cable ensures utmost security.


The actual secret behind our new superior security tool is that it is a product of superior material designed by our skilled professionals. We are also offering lifetime replacement warranty to the product.”


Speaking about the importance of having security locks for laptops/computers, the CEO remarked, “Educational, health, corporate and other public sector institutions invest huge amounts in infrastructure, which include computing installations. The systems are under constant threat of getting stolen or getting destroyed due to vandalism. In US alone, the losses due to vandalism amount to several Billions a year. In this context, high-security locking solutions for laptops, desktops, and notebooks / netbooks / PCs assume so much importance.


Our range of products include Laptoplocks, Computerlocks, Laptopcarts, PcLocks and Notebooklocks which are already familiar with Fortune 500 companies, Universities, corporate accounts, school districts, state, federal and healthcare organizations. We have also customized many of our products as per customer requirements.


Stressing on the safety of computers in educational and health care institutions he further said, “The Educational field is a $1 trillion industry and holds 10% of USA’s GNP after the healthcare industry. The American government spends over $750 billion only on education, and it gives us a bigger picture as to how vital it is to provide security solutions for computers.


Although schools put rules in place to contain vandalism, an independent survey in 2009 shows that about 50% of the computer installations at educational institutions are highly prone to vandals and thieves. The systems might be completely destroyed or the data lifted and abused. This is where good security locking devices can help preserve both national pride and property. Compulocks new laptop lock, the CL14T-XTrap will be ideal at the aforesaid places; because the small design doesn’t compromise the strength or effectiveness, besides the CL14T-XTrap  feature traps all cables of the accessories and secure them to the system. The product also passed simulated cutter tests reassuring the optimum security it is meant to provide.”


About Compulocks:

The computer locking solutions company, CompuLocks Group and its founders have been selling locks 1983, and the group of companies operating under it include: comulocks, MacLocks, NotebookCarts and LaptopLocks. The company provides Computer locks, laptop carts and security locking solutions for Educational institutes, Healthcare organizations, Corporation accounts, Government/State agencies and to distributors all over the world. With a lifetime replacement warranty, Compulocks has reseller and affiliate programs too for those interested. For further details you may check the company website: