The complete guide to swift customer satisfaction
New standards and opportunities in the omnichannel retail world.


What’s in the guide?
If you want to get more sales and returning customers, you need to accommodate the new needs and standards of your customers – and that means improving customer satisfaction and experience. In this short guide, you will find great actionable ideas of what you can do both online and in brick&mortar location. Improve your customers’ satisfaction with this useful guide.
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Customer Experience (CX) is an aggregate of a customer's experience with a brand through various channels and points in time. Improving your customer experience doesn’t guarantee repeat business or positive reviews, but it will improve the chances for them. In this guide you will discover 10 actionable ideas for improving your store’s customer satisfaction and experience. 
Integrating social media – sharing experiences & creating a conversation with the customer
A recent study by The ROBO Economy (Research Online Buy Offline), showed that 82% of users use their phones for in-store pre-purchase research and 45% read reviews before making a purchase. Learn why social media is vital for CX, how it can affect in-store experience, and how can you use social media in order to improve CX.

Intelligent Assistants – Siri, Google, and Alexa
The phenomenon of personal assistants on mobile and home devices has already proved to be revolutionary and quite influential.
Customer experience begins well before customers visit your online site or brick and mortar location. People search for reviews and any relevant information that might influence their buying decisions.
Additionally, voice search is the biggest trend in SEO (search engine optimization).
Discover what you can do today to use Intelligent Assistants for your benefit.

Self-Checkout Kiosks
The freedom to checkout independently, without the need to wait for a cashier, can decrease wait time, thus improving CX and satisfaction, which can elevate the chances for a completed purchase.
How can you use it in your store?
Learn more in this guide

Quick Purchasing Process
Time is a major factor when it comes to customer satisfaction. Fast and accurate purchasing processes can contribute to satisfaction, brand trust and boost the chances for good reviews and repeat purchases.
Find out how to easily improve purchasing process times and improve your customers satisfaction.

Answer customers’ questions before they ask
Provide information your customers want and need on demand, improve your brand, and even alleviate the need for extra employee overhead.
Why it is so important to answer your customers’ questions?
How can you do it easily without investing big budgets and having more staff? The answers are in this guide.

Brand connection
Even though digitalization is a major contributor to the CX experience, there are many other ways to create a strong connection between the brand, its values and the customers.
For example, using engaging and fun in-store experiences can drive foot traffic to the store.
More examples, ideas and actionable tips in page N.10

Virtual and Augmented Reality
Virtual reality is a very interactive experience that can improve the overall store environment and adds an additional opportunity for communication between the customer and the brand. It provides a unique opportunity for advanced marketing.
Discover the ways it affects customer experience and how you can use it to improve CX today.

It’s the little things that matter
Fast checkout, being proactive about answering questions, and maintaining a social media presence, are all ways that can greatly improve CX, but there are other small adjustments that you can make, which can boost your customer satisfaction.
If you can solve the physical needs of your customers, you can improve your customer satisfaction.
Discover some great ideas and actionable tips for you to implement today.

Loyalty program
If you show appreciation for your customers and thank them for choosing you among all of the competition, they will have a positive experience if they feel appreciated, get a discount, or receive a gift.
Learn about the importance of loyalty programs and what can you do to start or improve yours.

Customer service
Customer service is not a new concept, but it cannot be overlooked. Every interaction and experience a customer has with a brand affects CX and the chances for returning business.
Today, customer service is much more than a call center or a smiling staff at the store.
What are the cutting-edge ways to use customer service in order to improve CX?

Social, bots, CRM and much more in this guide.

Case Study – the effects of implementing CX Elements in a business